Frequently Asked Questions

+How long have you been open?

LWSSC opened its doors to the public on March 27, 2001.

+Do I need to bring eye and ear protection?

The Club has plenty of safety glasses that you can borrow. We have several options for purchase on earplugs or you can borrow some of our earmuffs. The Club can provide everything you need for a day of shooting or you can bring your own gear too.

+Do I need special shells?

No, simply look for some target loads or you may purchase shells from LWSSC. We encourage you to pick a light load as most people shoot more at clays than typically in the field. The only thing to pay attention to is shot size. The only sizes permitted at LWSSC are 7 ½, 8, 8 ½, & 9 shot.

Shells are available at competitive pricing at LWSSC in 12, 20, 16, 28, and 410.

+Do you rent shotguns

Yes, we have several available in adult and youth size shotguns.

We have several Browning Citori White Lightning in 12 gauge (14 1/4″ LOP) for rent. In 20 gauge we offer several shorter stocked (13″ LOP) Browning Citori Micro Midas in 20 gauge.

+Do I need a special shotgun to shoot there?

No, any shotgun is fine. Anything from a single shot to the most elaborate double barrels. (Since targets may be released two at a time, we encourage a shotgun that holds two shells but are not required.) Also, don’t have a gun of your own, we have gun rental available in our proshop too.

+As an annual member, are there any restrictions on guests?

You can bring as many guests as you want, and we encourage it too! You can bring the same guest three times before they will need to join daily or annually.

+Are gift certificates available?

Yes, we do have gift certificates available in any amount. We have several designs available onsite in the credit card format. We also have online purchase available that you may print or email here.

+What is the difference between skeet, wobble trap, 5-Stand, and sporting clays?

All use clay targets. The main difference is how the targets are presented. An illustration with a specific description of each be viewed here.

+Do I need Reservations?

Reservations are only required for lessons and special events. Reservations are not required on a normal business day.  Our calendar highlights any days that we may be closed in red. The calendar is current and may be seen here.

+What are your Hours of Operations?

Our Normal Hours of Operation can be found by following this link.